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6. Is Chat GPT going to scupper online safety legislation before it’s even passed?

Vicki and Geraldine talk to Andy Burrows, freelance tech policy consultant and expert on child safety through his work with NSPCC. They discuss whether generative AI like Chat GPT could disrupt not only how teachers mark homework, but also all the efforts we have put into keeping children safe online Talking points: Are we making the same mistakes all over again with generative AI that we made before, retrofitting child safety only when it’s too late?Is it possible to make the internet safe for children without making it much safer for adults?How have the continued crises in the Conservative Party turned children’s safety into a political football?Tech Shock is a Parent Zone production. Follow Parent Zone on social media for all the latest on our work on helping families to thrive in the digital age. Presented by Vicki Shotbolt. Tech Shock is produced and edited by Tim Malster. www Twitter Facebook Instagram

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