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Rediscovering Creativity After Deep Grief With Kate Carman

Loss of any kind is never an easy journey, but it is especially difficult when you lose a child at 22 weeks. In this week’s podcast episode, we explore the story of designer and business owner Kate Carman and how her creativity, nurturing her nervous system and slow living rebirthed her sense of self, identity and life. In this episode we discuss: Kate’s life story, work and business to date Discuss her personal grief journey as a mother over the past 10-12 months How creativity has played a big part of her grief recovery Kate’s re-discovery of self and identity as a person, partner and within her business Understand the importance of her support tribe and who has assisted her during this journey back to work and her business Kate's core offers and how you can connect with her Let's stay connected. Head to Instagram: @ilanak.kinesiology Show Links:

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