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Mould Disease With Naturopath Jess Milroy

Do you know about the health impacts of mould? Back in 2014 our apartment had a water leak and little did I know that this was affecting my health journey and my ability to heal from chronic fatigue and lyme like disease. In today’s episode we explore this topic of mould disease with a dear client, Jess Milroy who is a Clinical Naturopath/ Functional Medicine Practitioner and Owner of Inside Out Natural Medicine.   In this episode we discuss: Jess’s life, health and business journey Why Jess studied to be a Naturopath What is mould disease and why is it often such a silent health problem The symptoms and signs of mould disease and where can it live  The different types of mould and mould disease Ways to heal from mould disease Some simple resources, tips or tools for living with mould The holistic health modalities that assist Jess in health and business  Jess’s non-negotiable self-care rituals Where to find or work with Jess Let's stay connected. Head to Instagram: @ilanak.kinesiology Show Links:

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