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Ep. 73: Argali Adventures with Brad Brooks

Brad Brooks is no stranger to backwoods adventures and he and Travis recount several exciting trips they had this last season. From Alaska, Yukon, and remote northern BC, to Hawaii and Greece there are plenty of fun stories and learning experiences shared in this podcast.   Between juggling a family, his business and his need to be out in nature, Brad has also been able to create an amazing new line of backcountry gear ranging from game bags and knives to rugged lightweight tents.   If you want to see Brad in action, you are in luck.  He started as a media company producing amazing backcountry and hunting videos and has continued in that tradition by bringing along his camera on his recent adventures.  Check out the links below.         ______   Silvercore Club -   Online Training -   Other Training & Services -   Merchandise -   Blog Page -    Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav -  Silvercore Instagram - @Silvercoreinc -    ____

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