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Ep. 71: Hoge Wild

Lucas Hoge is a #1 billboard charting country artist, star of the Sportsman Channels hit show Hoge Wild and all around really great guy.  Travis and Lucas discuss what it takes to make it in Nashville, to be a star in your own hunting show and how to deal with the any negative distractions.     Lucas is an extremely hard working and charitable man who is using his passion for music and the outdoors to fulfill his dreams and to bring all those around him up.  Lucas has an infectious positivity and grounded personality that makes him an amazing ambassador for the outdoors industry.    Don't miss this podcast and make sure to check out Lucas and the links we speak about here:   Past African hunting Silvercore Podcast episodes:     ______   Silvercore Club -   Online Training -   Other Training & Services -   Merchandise -   CORE Training Management Resources (TMR) -   Blog Page -    Host Instagram - @Bader.Trav -  Silvercore Instagram - @Silvercoreinc -    ____

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