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Ep. 61: Mercenaries and Augmented Reality Fighter Pilot Training

Nick Bicanic, producer of the award winning documentary Shadow Company, and Vice's War Against Boko Haram, lives his life on the cutting edge of innovation. Nick is a talented inventor and one of the founders of the revolutionary fighter pilot training company Red 6 which utilizes high fidelity / high speed / extreme low latency augmented reality.   Shadow Company trailer: Shadow Company full documentary:  The War Against Boko Haram:   Executive Outcomes: Red 6-  Rvlvr Labs -    Learn More about Silvercore Silvercore Club -  Online Training -  Other Training & Services -  Merchandise -  CORE Training Management Resources (TMR) -  Blog Page -  Follow us: Podcast YouTube  Newsletter  Instagram  Facebook  Host Instagram - @ Bader.Trav     

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