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Ep. 56: Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance with Jeff Agostinho

If you have an interest in mountain hunting, you need to listen to this podcast.  Jeff Agostinho is a knowledgeable and passionate hunter as well as the first regional representative with the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance. Jeff provides insight into what the RMGA does and paints a picture of joys and realities on mountain hunting. Jeff outlines exactly how he prepares for a hunt, how he keeps his pack weight to a minimum and he provides a comprehensive list of every item he brings in his pack.   To learn more about the RMGA check out their website here: To learn more about Jeff, follow him on Instagram: Instagram @jeffagostinho   Learn More about Silvercore Silvercore Club -  Online Training -  Other Training & Services -  Merchandise -  CORE Training Management Resources (TMR) -  Blog Page -  Follow us: Podcast YouTube  Newsletter  Instagram  Facebook  Host Instagram - @ Bader.Trav  1:00 - About Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance 09:56 - How to identify goats 15:52 - Alberta goat hunting moratorium 18:28 - Complete A-Z what kit to bring on a mountain hunt 42:40 - Medical kit 43:32 - Food 55:23 - Winter mountain hunt story 1:06:21 - What Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance does and how to get involved  

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