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Helping Black Communities Through Tech and Connections With Elizabeth Cotton-Harps of Black Tech Link

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Elizabeth gives an overview of what Black Tech Link is [02:25] How did Elizabeth get into the tech industry? [04:38] Elizabeth shares what it was like working at the California Science Center [08:43] How did Elizabeth start her own organization? [11:57] Elizabeth shares what she learned from joining blacks in techs and working with other people [15:30] Elizabeth talks about what she's been doing during the pandemic, including hosting events [18:30] How can people support Black Tech Link? [24:38] Elizabeth shares why she thinks there needs to be more support in building more programs [26:17] Elizabeth shares her favorite taco spot, El Serrano’s [31:27]   Follow Elizabeth online LinkedIn   Black Tech Link Website | LinkedIn

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