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Nelli Garton and Kelly Abbott of Tablecloth: An Impact Analytics Platform You Can Trust

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Nelli gives an overview of what  Tablecloth is [02:34] How did Nelli get started in the industry? [03:27] Kelly shares his background and how he got started in the industry [05:02] Nelli talks about the history of tech for capital markets and what’s changed [07:14] Nelli explains what impact investing and ESG means and how they differ [09:38] Kelly talks about the use of BI tools and how they integrate them with their business [11:27] Nelli shares how Tablecloth is being used by investors [13:06] Nelli talks about how Tablecloth started, what’s changed in the industry over the last few years and how it helped in updating their product [14:16] Nelli talks about the politicization of ESG [17:13] What are the next steps for Tablecloth in terms of impact investing [18:49] Nelli shares what Tablecloth does to get solid data from their employees, including triangulating data from numerous sources [20:25] Nelli talks about the state of the impact community in San Diego [23:33] Kelly shares his thoughts on the impact community in San Diego and where it is now from his perspective [25:39] Kelly and Nelli share their favorite taco spots, Salud Tacos and La Posta [29:14]   Follow Nelli LinkedIn   Follow Kelly LinkedIn   Tablecloth LinkedIn | Website   Check out our Tacos and Tech Tacos Database to learn where our local SD entrepreneurs and leaders satisfy their taco crave!   

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