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John Fountain of Cox Communications: Providing Quality Commercial and Hotel Services

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. John shares his focus within the Hospitality Network and Blueprint RF at Cox [02:29] How did John get into the tech industry? [03:38] John talks about converting buildings to ethernet in terms of age and why they differ [07:12] John shares how much more load there is on both the consumer and backend side of the systems and how it affects the infrastructures [09:13] How do new customer demands today affect the load on the system? [10:59] John shares what he thinks will be the next function of need going is going to be, including two-way services [12:55] What does success mean for Cox’s clients in terms of implementation? [14:10] Where do Cox and Hospitality Network play a role in the managed service on the video side? [16:20] John talks more about Hospitality Network and how and why it’s more casino and hotel oriented [21:41] How does the hospitality aspect fit into Cox’s investment strategy? [23:21] John shares other areas of technology he’s excited about [25:10] John shares his favorite taco spot, Del Taco [27:47] John talks about Cox’s mobile services and how customers can now get a mobile phone from Cox [27:56] Follow John LinkedIn   Cox Communications LinkedIn | Website   Check out our Tacos and Tech Tacos Database to learn where our local SD entrepreneurs and leaders satisfy their taco crave! 

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