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Eric Basu of Haiku: A Fun Way of Cybersecurity Learning

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Eric gives an overview of what Haiku is [02:29] How did Eric end up in the cybersecurity and tech industry? [04:26] Eric talks about his working experience in Sentek [08:13] Eric shares how he got started with Haiku, including building his team [10:24] What were some of the things Eric learned from building a past company to know the right customers for Haiku? [14:45] Eric talks about the accessibility of getting a job and alternative career paths in cybersecurity through their program [21:26] Who is playing Haiku and who is it designed for? [24:14] On why Haiku is on desktop only and why mobile is not a great fit [26:08] Does Eric consider himself a gamer even before Haiku? [30:06] Eric shares his favorite taco spot, Me Gusta Tacos [31:59] Follow Eric LinkedIn   Haiku Website | LinkedIn | Instagram   Check out our Tacos and Tech Tacos Database to learn where our local SD entrepreneurs and leaders satisfy their taco crave!   

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