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Suman Kanuganti of Personal.ai: AI-Enabled Messaging That’s Personally Yours

  Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Suman gives an overview of what Personal.ai is [02:45] How did Suman get into the tech industry? [03:25] Suman talks about why he decided to continue his education in the U.S. and how it helped him in building a company [04:41] Suman shares the original concept for Aira versus what changed and what it is today [07:34] Suman shares the technical and business aspect of building Personal.ai [10:33] What are some things that Suman learned from Aira to Personal.ai today? [14:44] Suman talks about Personal.ai today, the technology development and product [18:52] Suman gives his insights about AI and its community today, ChatGPT, and the future of AI [22:31] How are people going to be using Personal.ai a year from now? [27:32] Where and how can people make a Personal.ai account? [29:27] Suman shares his favorite taco spots, Las Hadas and Spitfire [30:14] Follow Suman LinkedIn   Personal.ai Website | LinkedIn   Check out our Tacos and Tech Tacos Database to learn where our local SD entrepreneurs and leaders satisfy their taco crave!   

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