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Jill Collins of Audacity Health: Providing Digital Solutions With the Human Element

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Jill gives an overview of what Audacity Health is [02:33] How did Jill end up in the branding and marketing space? [03:52] Jill talks about the advantage of having a PhD and marketing skill sets [05:46] Jill shares the benefits of having a background in both science and marketing in her line of work [08:41] Jill talks about the history of Audacity Health and how it changed over time [09:39] What are the storytelling and communicating tools and approaches today that Jill recommends? [11:53] Jill shares how they work with companies in dealing with anti-vaxxers and other misconceptions in science [14:54] Jill talks about their work setup during the pandemic and how the virtual working environment helped in talent recruitment [16:38] At what stage do companies usually reach out for help from Audacity Health? [17:53] Jill shares her favorite taco spots, Taco Surf and The Fish Shop [20:36] Follow Jill LinkedIn    Audacity Health LinkedIn | Website   Check out our Tacos and Tech Tacos Database to learn where our local SD entrepreneurs and leaders satisfy their taco crave! 

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