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Making Pickleball More Fashionable With Aubri Steele and Kate Nowlan of Civile Apparel

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Aubri gives an overview of what Civile Apparel is [02:31] Aubri shares how she got into the entrepreneurial world and how her business idea started [03:33] How did Aubri end up in San Diego? [05:16] Aubri and Kate share how people discover pickleball today, and how they met and eventually became business partners [05:56] Aubri talks about the first steps she took to make her business idea a reality [09:38] Aubri talks about designing their products despite not having a creative background [13:35] Kate shares how she lends her expertise to Civile Apparel, and why she thinks relationships is the key to success [16:26] What makes Civile Apparel different from other pickleball apparel? [18:57] Aubri talks about the gender equality and inclusivity of pickleball as a game [21:29] Aubri and Kate share what now versus next year looks like for both Civile Apparel and the pickleball industry [22:51] Kate shares what it feels like building another apparel company [24:47]] Aubri shares her favorite taco spots, Tony's Jacal and Taco Picasso [30:32] Kate shares her favorite taco spot, Death By Tequila [31:18] Aubri shares her favorite tequila [32:18] Follow Aubri online LinkedIn   Follow Kate online LinkedIn   Civile Apparel Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

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