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Reinventing Construction with Agorus CEO Garrett Moore

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Garrett gives an overview of what Agorus is [02:13] Garrett shares his background, from studying to joining the military, and eventually getting into construction tech [02:46] Garrett talks about what it was like to join the military and the skills he learned [04:47] How did Garrett go from having a business idea to actually starting it?[06:20] Garrett takes us through the early stages of building their product [09:44] What was it like for Garrett to build a startup in the middle of a pandemic? [11:14] Garrett discusses home ownership and the future of housing [13:52] Garrett shares why he thinks becoming more receptive to new ideas and innovations is essential [16:19] Garrett talks about what it's like being in the construction tech industry [17:22] Garrett talks about where Agorus is at right now and their future plans and goals for the company [18:55] Garrett shares his favorite taco shop, Don Pancho's [21:37] Follow Garrett online LinkedIn   Agorus Website | LinkedIn

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