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On Not Taking No for an Answer and Successfully Launching a Food-Related Business With Lamicka Cottingham of Southeast Fusion 619

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms. Lamicka gives an overview of what Southeast Fusion is [02:14] Lamicka shares her background and how she ended up in the foodservice industry [02:46] Lamicka talks about her childhood, and what inspired her to have her own business [04:17] Lamicka shares what it was like growing up with specific food and how it influenced what she cooks today [05:50] Lamicka talks about the kinds of learning she had in culinary school [06:51] Lamicka shares how she started putting her ideas into motion and starting a business [08:19] Lamicka shares her initial idea for her business, her style of cooking, and her barbecue sauce [10:39] Lamicka shares how Connect All helped her to connect with other people and business owners [12:37] Lamicka shares the current trends she’s seeing in the industry and how it’s helping her business [15:17] Where can people find Lamicka's food right now? [16:47] Lamicka talks about her barbecue sauce [17:44] Lamicka talks about her plans for her business, including focusing more on putting her barbecue sauce on the market [18:41] Lamicka shares her favorite taco spots, Humberto's Taco Shop and Cotijas [19:22]   Follow Lamicka online LinkedIn   SouthEast Fusion 619 Facebook | Instagram

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