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Custom Probiotics Specifically For You and Your Gut Needs with Sunny Jain of Sun Genomics

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.   Sunny gives an overview of what Sun Genomics is [02:28] How did Sunny end up in life sciences and his current line of work [03:19] Sunny talks about his discovery as they were doing human genome sequencing which gave him the idea to start testing on probiotics [04:28] Sunny talks about testing probiotics and the “probiotic wall of paralysis” [06:03] Sunny talks about the finished product, and the process from scaling it to mapping it out [08:59] When did Sunny discover that his product is actually working to help his son's gut problems? [10:14] Sunny talks about Floré’s products and how it’s helping their customers, including chronic conditions [11:38] With the rise of personalized wellness, Sunny talks about where probiotics and gut health and the wave of consumer life sciences are heading  [13:02] Sunny talks about how integrative medicine doctors use their products and what he hopes to see in the next 4 to 5 years [14:00] Sunny talks about what it's like to build a company in San Diego [14:54] Sunny shares how he deals with food and shares his favorite taco spot, Mas Veggies Vegan [17:23]   Follow Sunny online Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram   Sun Genomics Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube   Floré Website

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