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Relax, Recover and Rebalance With Natural Products That Work With Les and Brendan of Raw Botanics

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.    Les gives an overview of what Raw Botanics is [02:11] Les shares his background and what made them launch Raw Botanics [03:10] Brendan shares his agency background, and how he and Les met [04:44] Brendan and Les talk about being in the agency industry, and what they have observed and learned from their clients in the wellness industry [06:46]  Brendan shares the founding story of Raw Botanics, from figuring out when to launch their product in the market to finding doctors for their brand [10:56]  Brendan shares  the long and painful process they had to go through in finding partners and sourcing out people [11:53]  Les talks about CBDs that target specific concerns, what their best-selling products are, and what makes their product better and different from the others [15:25] Brendan talks more about CBN as a better sleep aid in terms of achieving deep sleep, and how it differs from melatonin [17:15] Brendan talks about experimenting with their products and making sure that they work [20:12]  Les talks about the products they offer, the current state of their brand and where people can get their products [20:54] Raw Botanics' competitors in San Diego, how their products and target market differ and what they've learned from these competitors [22:34] Les and Brendan share their favorite taco spots, South Beach, Brigantine, and Las Olas [25:22] Resources: A Better Night Sleep with REST Softgels... the data is here to prove it!   Follow Brendan Smith online LinkedIn   Follow Les Kollegian online LinkedIn   Raw Botanics Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

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