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Providing Quality Apps and Helping Small Businesses Grow With Tom Kenney and Allen Wolff of Loyal Foundry

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.    Neal introduces Tom and Allen [01:54] Tom gives an overview of what Loyal Foundry is [02:22] Allen and Tom talk about their background and career trajectory [03:03] Why did Tom and Allen pivot out of VC during the early 2000s? [06:52] Tom shares why he's interested in mobile tech, particularly in mobile apps [08:29] On how iPhone changed the mobile game [10:25] Tom talks about his startup company Verve, what it was like being the CEO, what made him decide to sell it, and how the company is doing now [11:36] Allen talks about his connection with Tom, and what their team is currently focusing on [13:47] Tom shares how the app market is doing today, including the current changes and trends they have noticed [15:28] Tom talks about what he hates about ad tech, why they like the ad market and what they’re doing to help publishers and developers [16:52] Allen talks about what it’s like experiencing selling and buying apps [19:53] Allen shares the factors they're looking for from developers such as good category and high ratings and engagement [22:01] Tom shares the difference between Apple Store and Google Play, and what makes Apple Store better in terms of accepting apps [23:17] Tom shares how they get information and insights of the apps they're interested in [24:01] Tom and Allen share their favorite taco spots in San Diego, Rudy's Taco Shop [28:56]   Follow Tom online LinkedIn   Follow Allen online LinkedIn   Loyal Foundry: Website | Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn | Instagram

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