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Making Finance and Opportunities Accessible to Farmers With Jayce Hafner of FarmRaise

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other platforms.    [02:20] Jayce gives an overview of what FarmRaise is [03:28] Jayce talks about how she grew up on a farm, the grant they got from USDA and how it got her interested in the finance aspect of agribusiness [06:18] Jayce shares how she met her co-founder in business school, and how their separate thesis helped them see a business opportunity to help farmers [09:00] How did Jayce and her co-founder find funding for their business project and turn it into a profitable one? [10:00] Jayce shares the things she learned from business school and how she applied them to her business, including the importance of running tests [11:19] Jayce talks about what it was like to run the business during the pandemic, how the pandemic affected the farm community, and how they helped farmers through financial opportunities [14:43] Jayce gives an update on how the business is doing now, how big their team is, and what their platform does to help farmers and future plans of FarmRaise [16:32] Jayce talks about what made her move to San Diego [18:40] Jayce shares her favorite taco spots, Oscars [19:44] Jayce shares a job opening in their company and what they're looking for in their applicants  Follow Jayce online Twitter | LinkedIn   FarmRaise: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

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