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The Power of Data and Building Better EV Infrastructures with Stable Auto

Introducing Jamie [01:55] What is Stable Auto? [02:14] Jamie’s background how he got into tech [02:56] Why Jamie got into electric vehicles [06:06] The challenges of deploying EV chargers [08:30] Jamie talks about the platform and machine learning [12:09] How Jamie’s company managed during the pandemic and the data trends they saw [14:55] The type of companies and businesses using Stable Auto’s data and product [17:38] The role of EV charging [19:07] Federal discussion of infrastructure bills and grant funding [20:55] Data  of charging at home versus charging everywhere else [23:52] How accessible can EV charging be? [25:02] Why did Jamie move to San Diego [25:58] Jamie’s favorite taco spots, Oscars and Just Peachy [28:54]   Follow Jamie online Twitter | LinkedIn   Stable Auto: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

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