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Q&A: How to find balance, disconnecting from social media, where to focus in the beginning + more

I regularly ask my audience to share any burning questions that they have about running their online business. In today's episode, I address many of these questions about payment plans, audience engagement, passive income and so much more... How many payment plans should I offer for my online course? (3:05)How can I disconnect from social media without losing engagement? (4:54)What are the key things to focus on in the very beginning when money is low & you don't have help? (7:45)How do you find "balance" when it feels like you always have to be doing? (10:48)How do I create a passive income without hiring extra staff/support? (14:01)Pre-selling stresses me out because I'm terrified of missing deadlines. Advice? (17:08)How to improve sound quality in your digital course/podcast/videos? (18:53)How to make sure there is content for followers of every stage? (Beginners to long-time followers) (20:23)Can you live launch a course that's only $247 (offer is $197 + calls)? (22:44) SHOW LINKS: - Episode #690: Is your audience looking but not buying? Here are 5 mistakes that you might be making. DM me “690” on Instagram ( and I’ll instantly send you a direct link for this episode. - DM me "OLSM" to receive the direct link to Offer Less, Sell More or visit - DM me "masterclass" to receive the direct link to my Seven Secrets to Consistent Sales masterclass or visit - Have a question you’d like me to answer on the show? Write in with your question at - 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits: - Want me to spend a day working on your next launch? Book a VIP intensive: Let's be Instagram friends:

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