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1. Humans first, teachers second. Navigating all of the human moments in the classroom.

We are humans… who also happen to be teachers… responsible for 30 other humans… That leaves a LOT of room for ‘human moments’ in our day to day work. In today’s inaugural episode,  I am going to dig into some very human moments of my own recently in the classroom, hear from some of you about yours, and of course, give you a few little nuggets of teaching know-how to take away.  This episode covers: A very big human announcement!Our different phases and seasons of teaching and why we need to honour all of themGiving ourselves grace as educators and embracing our ‘real life self’ What is the window of tolerance and why does this matter for us and our studentsStrategies for teacher regulation Our teaching identity vs our real world identity Download my free guide “10 Tiny (but mighty) Tips to Transform Your Teaching - Check out my full training program That’ll Teach ‘Em. Enrol for 20% off with the code PODCAST20 - Or simply come and say hello over on Instagram @the.unteachables -

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