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When To Pay Attention To The Competition

Ever heard the advice to ignore your competition? Some marketing and branding pros are of the opinion that staying in your lane and just being yourself is enough to separate you from everyone else in your space. This week, we’re unpacking whether this is sound advice and tips for evaluating your competition, without getting caught up in comparisons. WE DISCUSS: When and why you would want to evaluate your closest competitorsReasons why some marketing and branding pros advise clients not to pay attention to the competition, and whether it’s sound adviceWhy being better than your competition is a flawed strategyA simple, three part framework for choosing the right brand positioningOur best tips for approaching a competitor analysisLINKS & RESOURCES: Follow us on Instagram: @baker_creative @brand.led and @self_made.studioFor more visit and self-made.studioWork with us

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