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The Hidden Costs Of Website Builds

Everyday we browse websites, skimming and scanning to find the information we want. But rarely do we think about what went into making the website and the time and money spent. That is, until we are about to build one ourselves. In today’s episode we’re highlighting some of the costs you might not have thought about, so you can be informed of the real costs associated with launching your website. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS: 8 commonly forgotten elements that add to your website budgetThe difference between using a template design and building a custom websiteWhy you need a budget for imagery, even if you plan to use free stock photos or videoThe #1 thing that stalls website builds and how not to let it delay yoursLINKS & RESOURCES: Follow us on Instagram: @baker_creative @brand.led and @self_made.studioFor more visit and self-made.studioWork with us

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