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3 Simple Steps For Attracting Better Customers

There are some customers who will get more value out of your product or service than others. Being able to focus on identifying and attracting them is undoubtedly going to make your business more profitable.  Not just because you have the ability to charge more if you want to, but also because a happy customer is more likely to come back, refer their friends, leave positive reviews and try your new offers. Some people think more customers is what they need. But more isn’t always better. In today’s podcast episode, we’re chatting about the 3, simple steps you can use to start attracting ‘better’ customers. Plus, we answer subscriber Alexander’s question— “Would a branding investment help elevate my business?” LINKS & RESOURCES Follow us on Instagram: @baker_creative @brand.led and @self_made.studioFor more visit and self-made.studioWork with us

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