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The 3 Ways High Achiever's Unintentionally Sabotage Themselves in Life and Work

I’m back in the studio recording this podcast after a beautiful summer holiday away with my family.  Upon my return I’ve been reflecting on how I want to show up differently and “better” in my life and work… “Better” being a subjective term which has a personal meaning for this season of my life and work.  With the benefit of taking a pause from the usual daily and weekly routine, naturally I’ve been able to get some perspective on how I had been operating in less than ideal ways and quite honestly self sabotaging myself and making things waaaay harder than necessary.  Over on the podcast this week we’ll be exploring why we self sabotage ourselves and specifically how high achiever’s do this to themselves in life and work.  Once you know what the real problem is then it’s much easier to know where to get unstuck.  For all the show notes come on over to:

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