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How to Do A Mid Year Review to Create A Life, Career and Business You Actually Love

Did you set big intentions at the start of the year? Maybe you were so sure that this year was the year that you would welcome in the new and say goodbye to the old, once and for all.  And yet 6 months later, perhaps you haven’t made as much progress as you wanted. Or maybe you did make progress and it’s been a really hard slog. You are not alone. Most of us set goals and intentions but end up nowhere near them.  In today’s episode we’re going into workshop mode so grab yourself a notebook and pen. I’ll walk you through a 4 part process to do a mid-year review that actually works. We’ll explore 4 steps to setting not only the right goals for you - but arguably more importantly allows you to take action and execute on your unique strategy to create the life, career and business that you actually love. For all the show notes come on over to:

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