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The 3 Seasons of Your Career You Need to Know About Before You Strategise Your Next Step

As we continue to live longer and longer, our careers are extending further and further out. If our careers are spanning multiple decades it’s inevitable that we will go through seasons - much like the natural world does around us. Knowing which season we’re in can be super helpful so that we can navigate the specific journey ahead of us as we move forward. We’re constantly changing and evolving and this is a good thing. Yes we want to have a plan and goals - but we equally want to flex and stay true to who we are evolving and maturing into so that we can meet our journey honestly and enjoy the journey along the way. Identifying and working with the season of your career you’re in is something I do with my clients. I’ve seen it provide so much relief to know where you are and what the challenges, pitfalls are so that you can be ready for the path ahead. In this episode we unpack the 3 seasons in your career so that you can get clear on where you are in your life and make smart and empowered decisions on where to and what’s next for you. For all the show notes come on over to:

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