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Why You Need To Own Your Resentment + Stop Focusing on Gratitude

Deep down do you feel bouts of anger, frustration or overwhelm with how things are right now (at work, with life, with others) but then quickly shove these feelings down because you know that you’re luckier than a lot of others and shouldn’t be complaining? Do you turn to “gratitude” trying to focus on what’s good rather than what’s not because deep down you worry that if you let yourself feel all that’s not OK you’ll be sucked in a downward spiral? In this episode we’re diving into why you need to get real and honest about how you truly feel and deeply own your resentment rather than focusing on gratitude for a hot minute…so that you can stop shaming yourself and give yourself a chance to be human and find your way through life and work. Let’s dive in! For all the show notes come on over to:

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