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Garden Book Review - 'Ranunculus' by Naomi Slade

Garden Book Review - 'Ranunculus' by Naomi Slade Hello and welcome to another garden book review '...from the Potting Bench' brought to you by the Tales From The Potting Bench podcast. This time we turn focus to β€˜Ranunculus’ by Naomi Slade. This book aside from anything else, is a pure daydream of a journey through the stunning buttercup family of plants. Naomi expertly crafts a book that not only informs, but there really is also a narrative that runs through each of the species and cultivars on display through its 200 odd pages - along with beautiful photography from Georgianna Lane. Do make sure to check out Naomi's Instagram and Twitter and also Georgianna's Instagram and Twitter too. 'Ranunculus' is out now from Pavilion Books and you can order your copy directly from Naomi's website, here. πŸ‘‰ If you've enjoyed this then please do rate, review, subscribe and share. You can follow me on Instagram @viewfromthepottingbench for more πŸ‘ˆ πŸ’ Naomi Slade Podcast: Listen Here β˜• Support The Podcast: Click Here πŸ“š Latest Book Review: Read Here πŸ’» My Website: Visit Here πŸ“© Email Me: Here!

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