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Keith Weed - President of the RHS

Keith Weed - President of the RHS Hello and welcome! Well, here we are at the last episode of season 5 of the podcast and I thought we’d go out with a bit of a bang! In this week’s episode I’m joined by someone with the most apt name possible for the role that they undertake. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the Royal Horticultural Society, the work they do and the gardens that they keep and this week I’m talking to their President, Keith Weed. Keith talks to me about his passion for horticulture, his own personal garden and all of his other many exciting interests. And, he might just reveal his favourite RHS garden, although that is a little like choosing your favourite child! If you’d like to find out more about the RHS then you can visit rhs.org.uk. And don't forget, you can follow along with Keith on social media where you'll find him on Instagram @keithweed and also on Twitter/X where he's also as @keithweed. Gosh, so we’ve arrived at the end of another monumental season of the podcast, with wonderful guests, conversations and insights into the minds and thoughts of some of gardening’s most well known and lesser well known characters and faces. Over 5 seasons we’ve delved deep into their inspirations for what they do, no matter their role. Designers, gardeners, writers, presenters, social media sensations, houseplant aficionados and more – all with a common passion for one thing, plants. I’m thrilled to say that plans are already afoot for season 6 and I’ll be back in the new year with that and much more. As always, thank you for listening, subscribing, reviewing and supporting this podcast and helping it become a chart topping success. Without you, the listeners, this is nothing – and thankfully, because of you – this is very much something. 💜 This episode is sponsored by Plant Grow, producers of award winning organic fertilisers made with zero chemicals. Great For your garden and even greater for the planet 💜 and don't forget to use code POTTINGBENCH on ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠plantgrow.co.uk⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ for 10% everything on their site.     💐 Latest Diary Entry:⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Listen/Read Here⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ 📚 Latest Book Review: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Read Here⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ 💻 My Website: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Visit Here⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ☕ Join my Patreon: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Click Here⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ 📩 Email Me: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Here!⁠⁠⁠

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