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The past, present, and future of the XLA w/ Neil Keating

The concept of the XLA has already changed IT forever. Today, though, as IT and the workplace both continue to change, it’s time for the XLA to change and evolve too, both in terms of what it measures and how. Given this exciting backdrop, there is nobody better for Tim and Tom to talk to about where the XLA is going next, than Experience Collab and Bright Horse CEO Neil Keating. Together Neil, Tim and Tom analyze the cultural and technological factors that are contributing to the XLA's ongoing evolution. These include - Hybrid work and its impact on XLA measurementAI and other new technologies and how they provide more sophisticated means of measuring sentiment‘Experience washing’ – and how customers should approach the sometimes-confusing experience spaceThe birth of Experience Collab, the wider states of the Experience economy, and much more besides! It’s a great episode and we hope you enjoy it.

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