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Reality Bytes #21 – Building the DEX Community w/ Jon Leighton

Nexthink is a community of changemakers. This not only applies to our engineers, it includes our customers as well – all of them, without fail. It’s what makes today’s Reality Bytes special guest, Jon Leighton (Head of Digital Communtiy and User Groups), such an interesting one. Jon’s role is focussed on pulling together the Nexthink customer community to share knowledge, build connections and get insrpired. Indeed, the DEX community is one of the closest and most stimulating in IT today. Togeter, Tim, Tom, Dina and Megan grill Jon about: · The signficiance of community in a new category such as DEX · How customer communtiy is created and sustained at Nexthink · How people can involved, whether you’re a customer or just an interested party For more amazing DEX content, including podcasts, articles and exclusive research, head over to the DEX Hub ( Check out the DEX Certifications here. To hear more interviews like this one, subscribe to the Digital Employee Experience Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred podcast platform. Listening on a desktop and can’t see the links? Just search for Digital Employee Experience in your favorite podcast player.

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