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Electric Slide n' Socket (with KevOnStage)

If you play with silver toys during a lightning storm, will you be struck down? Langston and David chat with Kevin "KevOnStage" Fredericks (Here's The Thing Podcast) about this electrifying conspiracy theory. The guys trace things back to their "playing with action figures" days and wonder what toys were made of and how our curiosity got the best of us when learning about electricity. Whether you stick a fork in a socket or put a metal tuna can in the microwave, we were determined to get superpowers! Talks of ESP and Lou Rawls occur, but that's nothing really new to this podcast. FOLLOW + SUBSCRIBE ON ALL PLATFORMS FOR ALL HILARIOUS AND PROBLEMATIC TALKS: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: TIKTOK: MY MOMMA TOLD ME MERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit Bye, bitch!  See for privacy information.

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