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The Skeeting Rainbow (with Miles Gray)

Did “rainbow parties” really exist? Langston and David sit down with Miles Gray (The Daily Zeitgeist) to talk about this sex-based conspiracy theory. How many lipsticks were involved? Was this another moral panic in America? Who attended these parties? Also, who made boomers in charge of oral sex culture? Of course, Oprah and Shaunie O'Neal are involved.  SEND YOUR DROPS & BLACK CONSPIRACY THEORIES: FOLLOW + SUBSCRIBE ON ALL PLATFORMS FOR ALL HILARIOUS AND PROBLEMATIC TALKS: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: TIKTOK: MY MOMMA TOLD ME MERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit FOLLOW LANGSTON KERMAN ON ALL PLATFORMS: @langstonkerman FOLLOW DAVID GBORIE ON INSTAGRAM: @coolguyjokes87 See for privacy information.

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