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Oops! All Quid Pro Quo Hoes (with Langston Kerman and David Gborie)

Langston and David dedicate an episode to answering a listener's email with their version of Quid Pro Quo Ho, a popular game from our live shows. The game presents hopeful possibilities for the world, but each possibility comes with very specific conditions. Think of it as a Black Saw scenario and Langston being Jigsaw, which weirdly seems to track. The conversation leads to beautiful chaos and David still defends himself as a lover of all animals.  SEND YOUR DROPS & BLACK CONSPIRACY THEORIES: FOLLOW + SUBSCRIBE ON ALL PLATFORMS FOR ALL HILARIOUS AND PROBLEMATIC TALKS: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: TIKTOK: MY MOMMA TOLD ME MERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit FOLLOW LANGSTON KERMAN ON ALL PLATFORMS: @langstonkerman FOLLOW DAVID GBORIE ON INSTAGRAM: @coolguyjokes87 See for privacy information.

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