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White Man Can't Cook (with Langston Kerman and David Gborie)

Are white people getting worse at making food on purpose? Langston and David cook this conspiracy theory in the studio. Does this come from white people's reaction to Black people getting more rights? Is this some sort of sick empowerment? How are bad meals going viral? They dissect regional food conversations and even rank which US region is the best. Also, is there a tendency for people to like everyone else's food, but not their own? We just want white people to know they have potential in the kitchen, but when they don't apply themselves, we're heading to Golden Corral.  FOLLOW + SUBSCRIBE ON ALL PLATFORMS FOR ALL HILARIOUS AND PROBLEMATIC TALKS: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: TIKTOK: MY MOMMA TOLD ME MERCH IS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit Bye, bitch!  See for privacy information.

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