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6 Degrees of Ray J (with Keith Johnson) (RE-RELEASE)

Hey Lil' Mommas! We will be back next week with new episodes and more Black conspiracy theories to wrap our lil' heads around. Enjoy this episode with Keith Johnson. Be sure to rate and review the podcast here.  -- Is Ray J the "Godfather of Culture"? Langston and David get into a deep conversation with comedian Keith Johnson (This Fool, Comedy Central) about how Ray J has been at every pivotal point in cultural moments. We may even say that he's the Black Forrest Gump. Does he truly take any losses? Was Kanye sacrificed for Ray J? We go from Kardashians to playing the piano in front of Mayweather, and much more. Also, we start the episode with a deep dive into Black fallen heroes: Will Smith and Michael Jorden. Heavy emphasis on "fallen." Send your conspiracy theories, music drops, and more to FOLLOW + SUBSCRIBE ON ALL PLATFORMS FOR ALL HILARIOUS AND PROBLEMATIC TALKS: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: TIKTOK: Bye, bitch!  See for privacy information.

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