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The Janelis J Show Presents: LEGAL ISSUES (Episode 2)

Hi My Momma Told Me Listeners! Clown Parade is featuring "The Janelis J Show" by comedian Milly Tamarez. If you want to hear more shows like this please listen to Clown Parade on the iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.  -- In this episode, iHeartRadio's legal team is pissed and threatens to take Janelis off the air if she doesn’t start saying allegedly statements that are unconfirmed. In true Janelis fashion, she does too much and Gerald pronounced JUR AWLD (Ron Metellus) tries to pick up the pieces. They later are joined by (Maritime) Lawyer Angelina Jenkins (Andrea Coleman-Jones) to take some calls from listeners (Alexis Pereira and Bridgette Rizkalla) asking for legal advice. Finally, we wrap up the episode with an expert on getting arrested Katt Williams (James III) who tries to justify his rap sheet.  ABOUT MILLY TAMAREZ: Milly Tamarez is a comedian, writer and podcaster based out of Brooklyn NY. She co-hosts the Betches Sup News and Poltics podcast and you can find her on and See for privacy information.

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