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Series 7 - Episode 5: Liberty Blake - AoaP Summer Auction

“I have that... compulsion to collect things and I was always looking for my version of treasure. I think the paper-sourcing was certainly a part of that." - Liberty Blake In the episode Rosa talks with Liberty Blake, collage artist and painter. They discuss their need for adventure, Utah, using found materials, and the upbringing that entails being brought up by Peter Blake. Born in England in 1968, Liberty grew up in an alternative, arts-centric environment that encouraged self-expression and creativity. She attended The Looking Glass School, a small experimental school that fostered arts and the environment. This formed the beginning of her love for art, outdoor adventure, and the natural world. 
 In 1997 she moved to Utah, with her partner and son, where she co-ran the ‘Art Shack’ at Sundance, teaching, exhibiting, and doing graphic design for the resort. It was during this time that she made her first wilderness-inspired abstract collages. 
 In 2007 she participated in the "337 Project" in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she created the first of many large-scale ‘wall collages.’ The most recent of these is the collaborative ‘Work in Progress Mural Project,’ a 60ft collaged mural, comprised of stencil portraits of women made by members of the community in workshops that she runs with her mother and fellow artist, Jann Haworth. 
 Liberty lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her abstract collages are a document of the wild natural places and neglected urban environments of the American West. She has shown extensively in Utah, in group and solo shows, and was previously represented by The Phillips Gallery and Modern West Gallery in Salt Lake City. Her work is housed in private collections across the United States, Europe, and Canada. Her current body of work explores the impact of wildfires, their increasing severity, and growing threat. Liberty has generously donated Lots 151-154 to the Art on a Postcard Summer Auction to help raise money for The Hepatitis C Trust. Bidding starts at just £50 for each lot. 24th June- 8th July 2021 Learn more information about The Hepatitis C Trust on their website: Got questions for Rosa? Get in touch at:

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