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Series 9: IWD Auction 2022: Charmaine Watkiss

In the second episode of the series, Mollie (@she_curates_) is in conversation with the phenomenal Charmaine Watkiss. Jamaican-born Charmaine discusses her art as 'memory stories', often created with the African Caribbean diaspora in mind. The podcast discusses Charmaine's inspirations, her time in the fashion industry, her love of Klimt's symbolism and much more! 'For me, memory is something that's encoded within our DNA, so, if I'm going back into the archive and retrieving all of these lost stories for me it is kind of like connecting to memory, but an ancestral kind of memory - I thin it's important to share things, and as artists we're often just sharing human stories.' - Charmaine Browse the IWD Auction lots here: Discover Charmaine's works here:

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