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**Series Special** India Rose James x AOAP: Alma Berrow

In our first episode of Art on a Podcast for our upcoming India Rose James auction, Mollie Barnes (@she_curates_) is speaking with London-based ceramicist Alma Berrow (@almaberrow)! Alma discusses how she came to be a ceramicist, her friendship with India, and her the recurring motif of cigarettes within her works. 'Within my work, I like the idea of there being a narrative, of there being a story to be told, and whether that's the story I know or the story someone else perceives within the work, I like that' Alma's pieces will be part of our India Rose James Mini Auction - bidding is opens on 7th April 2022 via The Auction Collective (@theauctioncollective) Art on a Podcast is created in collaboration with gowithYamo (@gowithyamo). Register to bid - Browse all the lots - Find out more about Alma -

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