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**Series Special** India Rose James x AOAP: Kristy M Chan

In our second episode of Art on a Podcast, Mollie Barnes (@she_curates_) speaks with Slade graduate, Kristy M Chan (@kristychanart). Kristy discusses her background and inspiration from floral arrangement, her desire to explore three-dimensionality in art, and her upcoming solo exhibitions! 'I've always been interested in lifting, the physical body and strength…I've also always found the protein structures really beautiful and I've always wanted to make some paintings around them…the two other works are about me managing to progress and managing to do pistol squats and then being able to do weighted pistol squats.' - Kristy Kristy's pieces are part of our India Rose James Mini Auction - bidding is open until 21st April 2022 via The Auction Collective (@theauctioncollective). Art on a Podcast is created in collaboration with gowithYamo (@gowithyamo). BID NOW - Find out more about Kristy-

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