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Episode Special: Meet The Artist - Eelus

In this episode Rosa Torr chats with Eelus about how he made his passion his job, his love of art and what he hopes his artistic legacy is. Eelus has released 3 limited edition prints with Art on a Postcard that can be found at Availability is extremely limited so purchase yours now to avoid disappointment. Born and raised in wigan, Lee Pennington moved to east london in the early 00s and entered the street art boom of the time. He began to experiment with his own stencil based works, painting under the moniker of Eelus. after Banksy encountered the work on the streets of the East End that everything changes for Lee. The image – a young girl taking a Star Wars At-At for a walk – sells out in record time,securing Eelus’s place as a favourite amongst collectors. The image itself becomes iconic, helping define the early days of a rising art movement. After repeat success with more sell-out editions, Eelus receives an invite from Banksy to paint at his now infamous ‘Cans Festival – A Street Party of Stencil Art’ in Waterloo, London. His mural and stencils become a highlight for many of the thousands of people who visited the landmark outdoor exhibition. Eelus has now painted and exhibited worldwide alongside key figures within the movement. The desirability of his artwork evident in the success of his solo exhibitions and sell-out print editions.

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