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Spring has Sprung - Art on a Postcard Mini Auction Curated by Jealous Gallery

We're excited to announce the launch of our mini Art on a Postcard Auction curated by Jealous Gallery. Spring has Sprung is packed full of all the idiosyncrasies we love about Jealous, the artwork is playful, has a sense of humour and is imbued with optimism. Artists such as Stanley Donwood, who has a number of print releases and a forthcoming solo exhibition with Jealous, is most famous for Radiohead’s artwork and his numerous prints for Glastonbury; Miss Buggs who had an eye-poppingly great show at Jealous Gallery prior to lockdown with subverted resin ice lollies containing syringes, razors and pills; The acclaimed artist and illustrator Paul Davis, and Jealous’ very own Ally McIntyre who was awarded the Jealous Prize 2014/2015 and HIX Award 2015. In this episode, Rosa chats to Director of Jealous Dario Illari and and Galleries Director Louise Fitzjohn to learn how Jealous has managed to keep a visual arts company going during this tough year, what Jealous look for in new artists to work with and the process of their job as curator for our upcoming auction Spring has Sprung. "We chose the title Spring has Sprung as we are all emerging from a long dark, hard winter and we need some fun and colour now. We are happy to play a part in making this 20 year anniversary special and contribute to the great work The Hepatitis C Trust does.” - Louise Fitzjohn Bidding starts at just £50 on all lots 14-28 April

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