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Season 4 - Episode 5: Eduardo Terrazas - Art on a Postcard Winter Auction

In today’s episode Rosa Torr chats with Eduardo Terrazas about his 45 years of practise, his use of traditional mexican folk techniques, his architectural aims and about reconnecting with nature in the mexican countryside. Eduardo Terrazas’s learned practice spans architecture, art, and design, achieving a lively mix of geometric study and handcraft. Using an approach that marries South American folk art and European avant-garde influences, Terrazas has produced more than 600 works over 45 years. He first became interested in folk art as a museographer, later collaborating with the Huichol, a native Indian ethnic group. His series “Constellations” (2013) involves traditional techniques of yarn painting on wood board and fine beadwork in beeswax, processes that render brightly colored or monochrome mathematical patterns with the formal rigor of De Stijl. His architectural training has led him to develop many projects in Mexican cities, while his design background informed his work as a collaborator on the design of the logo for the 1968 Summer Olympics. Eduardo has contributed artwork to the Art on a Postcard Winter Auction, which will take place 5th-19th of November 2020. To find out more go to Art on a Postcard raises money for The Hepatitis C Trust.

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