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BONUS Episode ✨Art Car Boot Fair - Charlotte MacMillan and Haus of Lucy

Art on a Postcard will be presenting the work of Haus of Lucy and Charlotte MacMillan for Art Car Boot Fair’s Viral edition this September. In this episode of Art on a Podcast, Rosa Torr discovers how both artists have subverted classical painting to create their work for the fair and discusses their individual approaches to creating them. Charlotte MacMillan has produced a set of extreme close ups taken from the Renaissance Painter Artemisia Gentileschi and Haus of Lucy appropriates classical paintings, adding anachronistic motifs to create a jarring and unexpected result and a new meaning. In addition to the prints we have 4 unique Haus of Lucy ceramic figures; Lucy takes old, unloved kitsch ornaments and breathes new life into them, giving them a contemporary and humorous spin using polymer clay, found objects and ceramic paint. View the works discussed and buy tickets to Art Car Boot Fair -

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