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Up The Arts: Stuck Indoors - Singer Annie Riley on performing for elderly veterans stuck indoors via 'The Best Show in the House'

Annie Riley is just one of a whole host of performers pulling out all the stops to entertain the over 60's from the Armed Forces who now live in special accommodation during this time of isolation. 'The Best Show in the House' is a new online concert showcasing the very best tunes and anthems from the 1940's through to the 1960's. Viewers can expect good old fashioned variety style entertainment with special guests including Brian Conley and many many more. Familiar faces from the likes of Good Morning Britain and Emmerdale also pop in to say hello. Annie tells me more about what's happening in the coming weeks and why it's important to stay connected at the difficult time, particularly if you're elderly....And you can find the YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvSFLPFhaVHiZlF3nugd_RgWelcome to Up The Arts: Stuck Indoors, a currently somewhat more than weekly podcast for those proud to be be involved in theatre, music, art and literature in the LGBTQ+ world! Every Thursday (and currently sometimes Friday and Monday whilst we're stuck indoors) we meet incredible people from the arts world and explore their creativity and inspiration, as well as providing a peek at upcoming events in which pride and the arts world collide!Find us on Twitter: @uptheartsshowAnd check out our website for news, reviews, what's on and more: www.uptheartspodcast.com

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