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Up The Arts meets EastEnders' star and Lord, Baron Michael Cashman: One of Them, From Albert Square to Parliament Square

Michael Cashman, or Baron Cashman of Limehouse to give him his proper title, is a star not just of stage and screen, but of Parliament as well. From a childhood to the West End stage, to Albert Square and the set of EastEnders, to a life in politics as an MEP, Labour party envoy for LGBT issues worldwide, and latterly independent member of the House of Lords.Oh, and as if that wasn't a busy enough life, he's one of the founding members of LGBT+ rights charity Stonewall as well.Thomas met up with him to discuss his life, and his new book: Welcome to Up The Arts, a weekly podcast for those proud to be be involved in theatre, music, art and literature in the LGBTQ+ world! Every Thursday, we meet incredible people from the arts world and explore their creativity and inspiration, as well as providing a peek at upcoming events in which pride and the arts world collide!Find us on Twitter: @uptheartsshowAnd check out our website for news, reviews, what's on and more: www.uptheartspodcast.com

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